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Carpet Cleaning and Care

How do I clean my carpets?

  • A rug or carpet, as with any valuable art object, needs periodic cleaning to guarantee long-lasting splendor. The following a few safety measures will ensure that your carpets, whether from our Modern collection or an antique will be in good floor condition for years to come.
  • Regular cleaning
  • Modern carpets
  • For carpets with a thin pile, daily or weekly cleaning should be accomplished with a broom or soft brush. Vacuum cleaners can be used on thick pile rugs.
  • Antique carpets
  • Antique carpets need tobe hand-washed gently by an expert carpet cleaner every few years, or whenever needed. Do not use a vacuum cleaner on antique rugs.
  • Incident-based cleaning (consider word choice)
  • In the case of day to day spills or other incidents which that may occur, refer to the following guidelines
  • By using a damp, cloth to blot from the edges toward the center of the spill it can be easily blotted up before the stain settles.
  • Use hair or baby shampoo if needed,since the protein of wool is similar to human hair.Do not scrub, just blot gently.Raise the moist area for quick air drying, do not let your carpet sit damp, as this cancause adeteriorationof the carpet’s foundation.Do not use home remedies for stain removal or any chemicals, as they can cause permanent damage in the form of dye runs, streakingorsmudging.
  • In the case of any further cleaning questions, please consult the Carpet Cellar or a professional carpet cleaner.

What special care is involved in Antique carpet ownership?

  • Antique carpets are not only works of art, but also intended for practical use and appreciation
  • We recommend use of padding under your antique or silk carpet. This helps extend the life of a rug by cushioning it from below and preventing wrinkling and damage.
  • Do not place an antique carpet in direct sunlight as this may cause dyes to fade.
  • Rotate an antique carpet if it is placed in area with heavy foot traffic to avoid uneven wear and tear
  • To avoid any insect damage insert driedneem or tobacco leaves in the carpet before storage and packing. Dried lavender and cedar chips are also helpful.
  • Do not drag furniture across an antique carpet, as it can damage the carpet.
  • While storing your carpets protect them from moisture, moths and mice by wrapping themcarefully in muslin or paper with mothballs and securely taping all seams.

How are carpets best maintained and stored?

  • The best way to preserve a carpet is tokeep it dust free. Dust eats into the foundation andreduces its life. Carpets should also be aired regularly in mild sunlight for 3-4hours afew times per year.Thecarpetsshould notbewashed athome ordry cleaned but senttoaprofessionaloldcarpet cleaner andhand washedwithouttheuseofanychemicals andonly natural detergents.
  • Note that most carpets that are packedandleftunusedattract themoth insect, which attackswoolenitems inhumidconditions.Ifstoring carpets, theyshould notbepacked inplasticbut in a cotton ormuslin cloth.Onecanuse antimoth agents in storage but the anti moth agents shouldneverbe in direct contactwith the carpet.