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When moving into a new home, renovating your house or redesigning a room, it can be difficult to figure out whether your flooring should be one of the first decisions you make or left until the very end. In our opinion, it’s important that you have an idea of the overall aesthetic you want to achieve and choose your carpet or rug to reflect this.

With carpets, it’s important to remember that it will be around for quite some time, so you want to select a style and feel that resonates with you now and (hopefully) in the future. Avoid selecting a carpet that’s simply “on trend” and may easily feel dated in a couple of years. Classic carpets will withstand the test of time, as they have done for centuries before.

Not to say that you cannot be more whimsical with your choices as it’s much easier to change a carpets placement when you decide to restyle a room. Carpets, kilims and other flatweaves are an easy way of adding a pop of colour or a focal point to a space, with the option to move them to another room when the fancy takes you (just as you would with a painting). Our modern rugs come in contemporary designs that are much like artworks for your floor and make striking statement pieces.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing a room that incorporates a rug or carpet.

With so many colour and design choices, selecting a rug for your room can be a difficult decision

Comfort and relaxation

Our homes should be places we can retreat to and escape the stresses of everyday life. So you want to create interiors that are comfortable and relaxing, drawing on materials and tones that feel grounding. For each person, this could be quite different, so consider spaces you’ve entered that have immediately felt like “home”. Perhaps it was a minimalistic dining room or a boho-inspired bedroom or maybe it was the eclecticism of a mid-century modern lounge room. It might have incorporated dramatic colors or soft pastels or perhaps it was just the clutter-free nature of the room that made it resonate with you. Understanding the overall “look” you want to create should be the first step before selecting a carpet or rug.

Soft pastels are ideal for creating a relaxing aesthetic


Another important factor to keep in mind is the choice of materials you want to incorporate into your space and whether “natural” is more important to you than “synthetic”. You can find rugs made from naturally renewable materials such as wool and jute, as well as man-made carpets incorporating nylon and polyester. In most cases, “natural” equates to more sustainable flooring, although there are several innovative products in the rug and carpet worlds that incorporate recycled products into their design.

We love the natural feel and aesthetic of wool carpets and rugs, which are not only breathable but feel incredible under foot. Our wool rugs come in both antique and contemporary styles, so you can easily find a design that suits your space. Alternatively, you might be inspired by our Transitional Collection. These carpets feature a strong and resilient wool base that’s complemented by silk patterns, pastel colors, and open designs.

Antique-style rugs are having a renaissance, with their traditional patterns and colourful designs

Simplicity vs bold patterns

Whether you opt for a simple design or something more boldly patterned will depend on the furnishings and decor you plan on incorporating into space. While many of our modern antique-style carpets and rugs feature intricate, colorful designs, they work perfectly with wooden furniture and leather lounges to create a balanced feel.

If you already have “statement pieces” for the room, then you might want to consider a simpler design or a patterned rug in a single tone. Remember, “simple” doesn’t equate to “boring”, with plenty of high-quality rugs that feature gorgeous textures and patterns, without bold colors being a feature.

Texture can be just as important as colour in selecting a carpet for your space


At the end of the day, your room needs to work for you and your family and this is something you should keep in mind before selecting a carpet or rug. If you have children playing in the space or pets bounding through, you want to know that your choice of flooring can withstand the rough and tumble of life.

For example, a white carpet or rug might not be a practical choice for an entranceway or if you have toddlers who are prone to spills. Before selecting your flooring, you should also take into account how resistant the carpet is to staining and how readily it absorbs water. Wool is not only resistant to staining and water absorption but it’s naturally antibacterial, which may be an
important factor for some people.

Decisions, decisions

Whether selecting a carpet or rug is the first or last decision you make is really up to you and depends on the aesthetic you’re after and any statement pieces you might have already decided upon. But it’s important that when making the decision, you take into account the practicality of the carpet, the materials it’s manufactured from and whether it’s going to enhance the comfort of
your space in a way that works for you and your family.