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It is important to choose the right carpet for your floor as it determines the appearance of your room. Along with the enticing designs, quality, design and texture of the carpets also matter. The rugs and carpets should be comfortable and match with furniture and curtains.Choosing a comfortable trendy carpet is time-consuming and a little difficult. And you also need not compromise with the quality of the products. Among the new home decor items, handmade carpets must be your top priority as it adds a lot to the overall appearance of the room.

Select the best handmade carpet providers offering top trendy carpets with a wide variety of designs and patterns which are visually appealing as well as of good quality standards. The Carpet Cellar is the most renowned curators of handmade carpets providing different styles and designs of carpets over the past four decades. But there are some challenges when it comes to online shopping. Choosing some products only based on the screen appearance is difficult, but a good carpet company can assist you with it. To help you with the queries and fear, here are the 5 best tips to keep in mind while you buy handmade carpets online.

The right measurement of the carpet

Decide the area of the room you want to cover. The size of the carpet depends on the size of the room and its area. Try not to guess the size of the carpet. Measure the length and width with a measuring tape and find the closest fit. There are various standard carpet sizes available online and as per the measurements, you can order your customized carpets (if the option is available). Care must be taken that the handmade carpets must match with the furniture. Lifting heavy furniture in order to fit the carpet is a tedious task.  Therefore it is better to measure the room accurately before you order your carpets online. The three ways one can use the carpets in a room are:

No furniture legs on the carpet
Only front legs of the furniture on the carpet
All furniture legs on the carpet Among the mentioned styles, choose one which you are comfortable, take accurate measurements and order handmade carpets online.

Colour of the carpet

Colour is a significant part of home decor. Choose the carpet colour that compliments your current furniture designs. Choosing a colour depends on various factors. For instance, if the room is used often and has a lot of traffic, go with a darker colour.  And if you want to showcase the sofa, select a lighter colour carpet. If the room has a lot of natural light, lighter shades work well. One of the other important points is that it should match your personal tastes and styles that makes your personalized space even better creating a positive ambience. Don’t be afraid to choose dark and bold colours, get all possible colours and brighten up your room.

The best carpet material

There are so many carpet materials available online. The difficult part is selecting the right material.  Carpets made in jute, coir, hemp, wool, etc. are eco-friendly and organic. Choose the best e-commerce platform that provides the best carpets that suit your unique requirements. The Carpet Cellar offers a wide variety of carpets and rugs online such as antiques carpets & rugs, antique recreations, modern contemporary carpets, and kilims & durries. All these are available in different materials such as silk, cotton, wool, etc.

Compared to the handmade carpets, the machine-made carpets that use natural materials like cotton, wool, and silk may cause certain health-related issues. Choose the perfect carpet whether it’s natural or synthetic. There are certain factors that influence your choice in selecting a carpet. For example, for high traffic areas, we use handmade wool and cotton whereas silk piles are luxurious and are not recommended. Below mentioned are certain commonly used carpet materials.


The most commonly used and classic material for your floor. It is soft, highly durable and stain-resistant. Customers choose wool more as it goes well for long term use and areas where the traffic is high.


Cotton carpets are more durable, enticing with great texture. It is easiest to maintain and clean and is long-lasting. It is recommended to avoid using cotton carpets in high traffic areas as it wears out easily.


It is a luxurious carpet and is smooth and lustrous. It is less durable than wool and is suitable for bedrooms and drawing rooms.

The theme of the carpet

Choose the right carpet as per your theme. You might be looking for a traditional carpet to match your traditional furniture collections or a modern carpet for contemporary styles. The market is flooded with a wide variety of collections. The Carpet Cellar has selected antique pieces from Iran, Afghanistan, and India; classical Persian and Mughal carpets, Kilims and Montage carpets, etc.

Construction of the carpet

There are many traditional as well as modern carpets available online. In traditional hand-woven and hand-knotted carpets, skilled carpet weavers use ancient techniques to make carpets knot by knot which are of high quality. They use silk, wool, cotton, etc. to create unique patterns and designs. The demand for traditional carpets became less with time and people have started using modern carpets made with different techniques like Hand Tufted, Machine Made, Shaggy, etc. The Indian carpets are mostly handcrafted. The commonly seen construction types are:

Hand-knotted carpet

A carpet having more densely packed knots per square inch is defined as the best-quality carpet. It takes six to ten months to make a handmade carpet based on the complexity of the design.

Hand-tufted carpet

A hand-tufted carpet is not time-consuming as that of a handmade carpet because it uses a tufting tool to punch strands of yarn into the canvas along the design traced on it.

Flatweave carpet

These types of carpets are made without any knots. The entire surface of the carpet is made of parallel running fibres which make the length of the rug (warp) and the fibres that run along the width (weft).


A perfect carpet changes the whole appearance of a room. Choose the best carpet store with the right materials that suit your unique needs. The Carpet Cellar is the best curator of carpets in New Delhi, India offering custom-made carpets for official state buildings, consulates, and hotels.  Choose your affordable handmade carpets online to know more about our products!