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All that you need to know about hand knotted rugs


All that you need to know about hand knotted rugs

Beige hand knotted rug with blue fauna designs by Carpet Cellar

Why is that? Because handmade suggests the love and dedication that went into creating that masterpiece, carefully crafted just for you.

Traditional hand knotted rugs  are such art marvels that bring about a sense of classic style to your homes. Unparalleled sturdiness, elegance, and superb craftsmanship make these rugs a diverse piece of heirloom, breathing magnificence into your home.

Here’s everything you need to know about hand knotted rugs as a perfect addition to your style statement.

What are hand knotted rugs?

The journey of a hand knotted rug began in central Asia. The dream-like perfection is a result of a rich history of an expert technique that dates back thousands of years.

This stunning representation of expertise is an outcome of months and months of the dedication of these weavers designing the rugs on a specific loom.

Thousands of knots are tied and woven with each other to create a single hand knotted rug, creating unprecedented designs that are not just appealing to the eyes but infuse a sense of aspiration. 

High-quality hand knotted rugs are created primarily out of wool, silk and cotton. But more recently other sustainable options such as saree silk, bamboo silk, jute and hemp have become popular; all of which are natural fibres. These raw materials when finely woven into a finished hand knotted rug results in a quality that is supreme. 

A typical hand knotted rug can take about a few months to a few years to be completely ready, depending upon a particular design and its intricacies. Since so much time and care goes into crafting a single rug, the rugs boast top-notch durability.

3 different types of knots in hand knotted rugs

1.Turkish or the Ghiordes knot

The Turkish knot gives a feel of a double knot and is symmetrical in design. Towards the back of the rug, you can find 2 small bulges.

2.Persian or the Senneh knot

Complex designs and floral patterns employ Persian knots. This knot is asymmetrical with lesser gaps to suit the demand of the design. It is open to one side and is comparatively lesser voluminous.

3. Jufti or the False knot

For a rug that demands faster processing with lesser details, a Jufti knotting process is followed. Jufti knot is fastened around 4 threads rather than 2 threads and requires lesser time to complete the process.

Based on the type of knot and the total number of knots, a hand knotted rug is priced. It also decides the quality and longevity of the rug. 

How to take good care of a hand knotted rug

For enhancing the beauty and longevity of your rug, rotate it 90 degrees every couple of months. This is essential to ensure an even wearing of the rug owing to the movement above it or the sunlight. Clean your rug using a vacuum cleaner at least once a week.

Parting Words

A hand knotted rug is simply a piece of hand woven excellence. No two rugs are the same, they have unique designs. They are hand crafted to create a unique vibe for your personal space. 

Experience a hand knotted rug, experience luxury!


We, at the Carpet Cellar, are renowned for being the specialist of traditional rugs and carpet and come with four decades of housing a vast range of hand knotted and hand woven masterpieces. We are the curators of the finest woven treasures, with every single piece being unique and brilliant in itself. Excited to experience an indulging walk down the path to glory? Browse our collection of carpets today!

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