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Safavid Collection – Dancing Daisy

9.2 x 6.1

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Safavid Collection – Clover

9.5 x 5.9

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Safavid Collection – Incandescence

10.4 x 9.10

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Safavid Collection – Nouveau

12.3 x 9

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Safavid Collection – Life Like

9.10 x 9.10


Safavid Collection – Liberty

9.4 x 5.10


Antique Vs New: A guide

Should you invest in a timeless antique or opt for a newly created rug? We’ve got the answer to this
question, and many more too.

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Delve into the magical world of hand-knotted carpets from the exotic regions of Persia, Morocco, Africa and more. Get inspiration, find care advice, and discover the stories behind the art.

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About Carpet Cellar

How does one fill a space with that indefinable feeling of home, of warmth and sanctuary, of higher living and thoughtful appreciation of the finer things in life?

The answer is simple: through careful curation of art that sparks joy.

This is the motivation behind The Carpet Cellar, a family-run business that charts its legacy back through four decades. We have one of the largest collection of carpets online and in stores, and pride ourselves on the many exquisite pieces that have graced museums around the globe, as well as renowned textile exhibitions and collector’s galleries.

Our experts source fine antique carpets from remote locations for private owners, but we also design and display masterful recreations of traditional and modern carpets, as well as dhurries and kilim rugs.

Choose from our range of luxury rugs and carpets online

Our clients can choose from a diverse and beautiful collection of carpets, rugs, kilims, textiles and more.

What to know before buying classic carpets online

Our Classic Collection is a curated blend of antique carpets for collectors to choose from, as well as carefully recreated versions for those with a discerning eye.

Our antiques are handpicked by experts and sourced from around the world and will remain a timeless treasure in your home. We closely examine the condition of each acquired piece before adding it to our collection of carpets online or in store. Every antique carpet has its own design, texture, and features, and we have no doubt that you’ll enjoy them for years to come.

Every recreation is designed with the rigorous attention to detail, quality, and beauty that define The Carpet Cellar’s body of work. Our expert craftsmen are more than just artisans; they are masters of their art forms, and when backed with the finest of materials and processes, have created a wide range of gorgeous pieces.

What to know before buying modern rugs online

Our Modern Collection of carpets features contemporary designs made with the time-honoured traditions of carpet weaving, superior quality raw materials, and sustainable dying techniques. Clients with a more minimalist design aesthetic will appreciate the austere colour palette and patterns.

What to know before buying transitional carpets online

The Transitional collection of carpets features an intriguing aesthetic – a collection of magnificent styles such as Hadji Jalili, Suzani, and Safavid, in rare pastel tones and open designs. Their remarkable beauty allows them to straddle the timeline of art and appeal to all design preferences.

These carpets are made in the silk ‘souf’ technique, which creates the design in raised pile for thickness, against a flatwoven wool base, making them resilient, yet lush and delightfully soft.

How to buy Kilims online

For those looking for a striking piece of art to grace their homes, a Kilim is an unusual and worthwhile choice. Kilims originate in Central Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, and are reminiscent of the exotic bazaars, vibrant colours, and sun-baked landscape of this region.

When looking for rugs online, do consider adding a Kilim to your home. The patterns hold up well in busy lifestyles and will even suit families with children or pets. The vibrant patterns are kind to small spills or stains, and will create a warm, welcoming centre for any home.

Many clients who choose Kilims online find themselves designing their room around the rug, and it’s no wonder. Nothing about a Kilim is understated or muted – they are statement pieces that demand to be admired.

Textiles and shawls

Apart from offering carpets online and in store, we also curate and make a range of shawls and textiles. Our collection of antique textile pieces is known by experts for its range and diversity. Our gallery of shawls includes heirlooms that date back to the Jamewar and Kaani style.

Our collection consists of gorgeous collectibles as well as new pieces. We use age-old crafting techniques and modern technology to recreate historically accurate designs in high quality material.

Choose an antique carpet that has witnessed history

Art comes in many forms, but whether crafted in oil paint, scribbled on a manuscript or musical sheet, or woven in cashmere thread, there is no more priceless representation of the zeitgeist than an antique that has been meticulously preserved.

Our antique and vintage carpets online are witnesses to bygone eras, legacies woven from history to be part of our daily lives. In some cases, they are the last remaining relics of ancient art forms. As curators and collectors, The Carpet Cellar is as careful about preserving older designs and traditions as we are enthusiastic about creating new and beautiful carpet art that represents today’s customer.

Buying carpets as investments

Buying antique rugs as investments is a wonderful way to take home a piece of history while making a sound financial decision. When it comes to buying older rugs online stores are a great place to begin your research. Older rugs and carpets, especially those from civilizations known for their master craftsmanship such as Persian or Oriental cultures, are the basis from which all carpet designs take inspiration. When you begin the most preliminary online research, you’ll discover deep and wonderful histories behind each pattern, and will truly be able to appreciate the choice you make.

To own such an heirloom is a reward in itself, but the financial angle is not insignificant either. While paintings and sketches of the Great Masters are priced high (and justifiably so), the carpet market has not yet reached those heights and are more easily affordable. A collector looking for an investment would be well advised to spend on an antique piece from a reliable source and may look forward to a considerable increase in value.

Buying carpets for daily use

When it comes to buying rugs online, as great as the financial rewards are, many clients have more practical worries – How can I look after a carpet if I have young children? Is it advisable to bring a carpet into a house that has pets? Will a carpet be the right choice in a damp or humid environment?

For most questions, the answer is: Yes, you can easily enjoy having a carpet in your home whether you have children or pets, or both. There are a few factors to keep in mind before choosing the type of carpet that works well for your lifestyle, and our experts can help you with this. You can find more information in our FAQs section, including cleaning and storage advice. Please feel free to reach out for help or to chat with our team before buying rugs online.

Sustainability and ethics

After four decades of being in the business of selling carpets online and in store, we know how responsible business practices can improve our daily lives and the world around us. Our sourcing and manufacturing processes are conducted with deep respect for ancient art forms, marginalized regions, and underprivileged sections of society.

We believe that the present is rooted firmly in our past and deeply enjoy the countless hours we spend locating, acquiring, and preserving priceless antiques. However, it’s equally important to us to recreate timeless designs so that you can own and enjoy them in your own home. We ensure that our pieces are historically accurate, crafted by artisans using both ancient techniques and modern technology, and made with raw materials like ASO-free dyes that are safe for the environment.

At The Carpet Cellar, you’ll find a delicate blend of history, craftsmanship, and exclusivity, all woven into gorgeous pieces of floor art. Browse through our listings of carpets online to choose something that suits your tastes, or let our experts help you find the perfect piece.

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